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For the treatment of suffered patients, Cuban scientists suggest homeopathic medicine Vidatox Plus, based on 5 proteins of scorpion's venom. Interestingly, the scorpion's venom acts selectively on diseased cells without damaging healthy ones.

Vidatox Plus is a well-known and one from the best homeopathic medications. Vidatox Plus is angiogenic and is a biotherapy homeopathic treatment whose active principle is the venom of the Blue Scorpion (Rhopalurus Junceus).

Vidatox Plus works by stimulating the immune system to attack the growing tumor. It binds to the diseased cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients. This provides pain relief and healing as it has anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects. The use of Vidatox Plus prevents the undesirable symptoms produced by the cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiations to which patients are usually subjected.

Vidatox Plus has anti-inflammatory, anti-metastatic, and anti-tumor effect. Vidatox Plus has a prolonged analgesic effect and it is not addictive. It, therefore, represents a potential therapeutic alternative for the treatment of neoplastic disease in humans.

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Description Vidatox Plus Homeopathic Treatment

Vidatox Plus Homeopathic Medication

What is Vidatox®?

Vidatox Plus is the newest Cuban natural and homeopathic medication, based on blue scorpion's venom. This medication has anti-inflammatory, analgetic and anti-tumor effect and is in general used in oncology. Apart from this, Vidatox Plus has a powerful detoxication effect, which allowed patients taking this medication to improve their well-being and health significantly, as well as to detox their organisms efficiently after chemotherapy. This medication has anti-inflammatory, analgetic and anti-tumor effect and is in general used in oncology. Apart from this, Vidatox Plus has a powerful detoxication effect, which allowed patients taking this medication to improve their well-being and health significantly, as well as to detox their organisms efficiently after chemotherapy.

Cuban scientists have long engaged in the development of drugs, based on natural ingredients for the treatment of serious diseases of animals and humans. The idea to use scorpion's venom is not accidental. Medical properties of a blue scorpion's venom have been known for a long time. Since ancient times, the ancestors of Cubans treated deadly diseases using scorpion's venom. For the first time, research on blue scorpion's venom was started in 1997. This medication is based on the venom of a particular scorpion species (Rhopalurus Junceus) inhabiting exclusively eastern part of Cuba island. This species gained its name for blue tail. Blue scorpion lives only in the wild and is endemic species to Cuba listed in the global Red Book. To date, it is not possible to grow blue scorpions in a laboratory environment, therefore it is necessary to catch each animal unit in the wild. In the following, scorpions are kept in a laboratory environment, similar to natural. One scorpion is able to give 0.02 ml (2-3 drops) of venom once in 45 days, which stipulates very limited number of medication produced.

It took fifteen years for researches to create this medication and prove its efficiency in treatment for tumors. Long researches resulted in creation of a medication named Vidatox Plus, which is now produced by Cuban innovative company - laboratory Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM, Havana, Cuba. The medication passed all clinical trials, also, its pharmacological properties for oncology were tested and proved. About 10 000 patients form Europe, Cuba and USA took part in the process of research and study of this new medication. Throughout the treatment course, no side effects were identified at patients in relation to the use of Vidatox Plus. It is considered that this medication reduces dissemination of diseased cells and prolongs patient's life expectancy. A laboratory research, by a multidisciplinary group, concluded that in vitro the Blue Scorpion venom possessed a selective and differential toxicity against diseased cells, and only diseased cells showed significant viability reduction. The research results also showed that after use of Vidatox Plus the improvement of patients' well-being is observable. It is based on the intensive detoxication of organism.

Vidatox Plus can be used as an addition to the oncologic therapy. General advantages of this medication are increased patients survival, reduced pain sensations, activity increase, as well as improved quality of life.

Use of Vidatox Plus does not affect the human health adversely.

Vidatox Plus has unique cleaning properties for human organism. After use of therapy course, patients are observed to have improvement of metabolic processes, blood tests indices improve, life energy increases, there is a rejuvenation of an organism. All this is resulted from the substantial organism detoxication.

Vidatox Plus is a certified product. This homeopathic medication is nowadays produced by the Cuban company Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM, Havana, Cuba.

Vidatox® 30 CH (green label)Vidatox® 30CH (brown label)Vidatox® PLUS

Labiofam Vidatox comes in three versions. First is Vidatox 30 CH with green-colored label which was clinically tested from 1997 and officially presented 15 years later. Based on years of experience with original Vidatox, Cuban scientists improved and renewed its formula and presented newest version of Vidatox 30 CH which has brown-colored label. Vidatox Plus is Vidatox 30 CH with slightly stronger formula, more effective so allows to shorten common period of treatment.

Be careful with similar medicine from other producers except Labiofam which say it's analogue of Vidatox. It can't be true, because Junceus Rhopalurus scorpionis endemic to Cuba. That's why State Center for Control of Drugs, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) alerts: "Any preparation made from Rhopalurusjunceus scorpion venom other than the homeopathic medicine Vidatox Plus sublingual drops, lacks sanitary authorization; its distribution and use are unauthorized and constitute a health risk."

How does Vidatox work?

Vidatox Plus has anti-inflammatory, anti-metastatic, and anti-tumor effect. Vidatox Plus has a prolonged analgesic effect and it is not addictive. It, therefore, represents a potential therapeutic alternative for the treatment of neoplastic disease in humans.

Vidatox Plus works by stimulating the immune system to attack the growing tumor. It binds to the diseased cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients. This provides pain relief and healing as it has anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects. The use of Vidatox Plus prevents the undesirable symptoms produced by the cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiations to which patients are usually subjected.

Created by Labiofam laboratories, Vidatox Plus medication is one of the most natural and homeopathic medications available. It is also effective analgesic and antipyretic. Vidatox Plus is a potentially non-toxic product that is administered through oral consumption. It is taken simply under the tongue as sublingual drops.

Vidatox Plus does not exclude or limit the traditional treatment, however, it facilitates and enhances the positive effect of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy and to reduces the undesirable effects.

How to use

Vidatox Plus is used orally. It is taken under the tongue as sublingual drops - 5 sublingual drops every 12 hours.

In the process of use, there is no need for a patient to keep a diet, but taking into account the better absorption process of active ingredients of this medication, it is recommended to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. Diet only increases the effect, but the medication acts without keeping diets.

If patient does not tolerate the direct oral application of the drug because it contained alcohol, or because of the lesions digestive track etc., it suggested to add a 5 drops of Vidatox Plus to 15 ml (1 spoonful) of boiled or purified water, stir it with a plastic or wooden stick, then to apply.

Do not take simultaneously with spicy food or liquids, as well as with products having a pungent odor - it should be distant from spicy food, drink, toothpaste (teeth brushing), smoking at least 15-30 minutes before or after.


Contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, pediatric patients under 2-12 years old.


Vidatox Plus should be stored in a dry, dark place at a room temperature, and should not be subjected to sudden changes of temperature.

Like all homeopathic medicines, Vidatox Plus should be kept away from sources of electromagnetic fields and radiation, such as cell phones, speaker, radio, TV, electric motors, etc.

Features Vidatox Plus Homeopathic Treatment

Natural homeopathic treatment

Decreased pain, decreased inflammation

Improvement of hematological parameters, improvement of appetite, improvement of function in affected organs and systems

Weight gain, decreases “coughing”, improves the quality of life

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    I have used this product for 3+ years. A small drop will detect irregular cells in the body. The bad cells will break open and your body will start to attack the bad cells and then new fresh cells will form. One bottle will last a long time and treat many places.
  • 09/14/18
    It does what it says on the box, thank you!
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    Brilliant and I’m about to place a second order of Vidatox plus.
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    Have ordered from Cuba Health Care before. Always excellent customer service.
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    Items arrived quickly and exactly as described.
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    These are good. I was looking more for a product for pain like the drops I had used.
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    I have been using this Vidatox Plus treatment for some time now and like it and the seller is right on.
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    It is too early to tell if the product works for me or not but it is what I requested.
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    Vidatox Plus by Labiofam. I know what it does because I've had Vidatox 30 CH before. It appears to work pretty well!
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    I’ve been taking it for 2 months now. Really helped me reducing abdominal pain due to fibroid tumors. This is God send.
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    We received the Vidatox Plus quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you!
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    Excellent item, why they are not on general sale in the US is a mystery, by far the best product!
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    Seems to do its job - Thank you!
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    My mom wanted these and could not find them in the store. She has been using them for a while and says that they are helping her.
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    Considering it came from the UK, it arrived very promptly. Fantastic product and seller.
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    Shipping was very fast and the items were packaged in such a way that the contents could have survived just about any type of punishment!
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    These drops are very soothing and I am very pleased with them. I will be reordering when needed.
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    Totally as expected!!
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    I'm a repeat customer and have been taking Vidatox and Vidatox Plus last times for a few years. It seems to be working, no complaints!
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    Service was very pleasant came in as expected.
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    Received Vidatox Plus way before expected delivery date, did not even take 2 weeks to get here, great seller. Very pleased!
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    Genuine Labiofam product, very quick shipping (about 8 days).
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    Everything arrived fine and no issues. I've used honest company for a long time but I love being able to purchase without a subscription now.
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    Thanks for the expeditous delivery. Like the Vidatox plus very much and helps keeps me healthy.
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