→ Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

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5.0 5 288 Customer Ratings.

Spirel (Spirulina) contains over 65% protein, which is more than any other food including meat and fish.

In addition to many useful components of the Spirel (Spirulina), it has the ability to retain a trace minerals in organic form, and is a great source of iron and calcium.

Spirel (Spirulina) is perfectly absorbed and is an absolutely safe vegetarian and vegan product.

It's really the ultimate organic nutritional supplement!

Description Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

What is Spirel?

Spirel (Spirulina) is very ancient single-celled organism, which even doesn't have nucleus inside a cell. For many thousands years of fierce competition in the fight for the lives Spirel (Spirulina) has acquired the ability to survive in adverse conditions, so Spirel (Spirulina) includes a full set of necessary for survival substances.

How does Spirel work?

In addition to many useful components of the Spirel (Spirulina), it has the ability to retain a trace minerals in organic form, and is a great source of iron and calcium.

Spirel (Spirulina) contains over 65% protein, which is more than any other food including meat and fish. It's really the ultimate organic nutritional supplement!

Spirel (Spirulina) is perfectly absorbed. It stimulates the vital processes, seriously strengthens the immune system, and gives a good mood.

Spirel (Spirulina) is an absolutely safe product, and its regular use invariably entails a surge of strength and energy. Stresses, increased physical activity and diseases pass through much easier than ever.

In the conditions of modern civilization Spirel (Spirulina) ability to effectively detox the body and to rid the body of radionuclides is particularly relevant. For residents of large cities Spirel (Spirulina) is becoming a regular feature of daily diet.

Spirel (Spirulina) is especially recommended for vegetarians and vegans, leading an active lifestyle or living in cold countries and often suffer from a shortage of protein in the diet.

Features Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

Organic vegan nutritional supplement

All-natural source of key nutrients, contains over 65% protein

Absolutely safe product

Effectively detox the body and rid the body of radionuclides

Recommended for vegetarians and vegans

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  • Graham Teasdale 19 February 2018
    Je suis tres contente de mon achat identique a la photo et je l ai recu avant la date prevu Merci bcp!!
  • Erik Waumans 17 February 2018
    Excellent service, as always. Have placed many orders with this firm and items always arrive well before stated delivery date! Extremely happy!
  • Issac Depp 15 February 2018
    Product, presentation and packaging have made me a repeat customer.
  • Telié G. 14 February 2018
    Very happy with value and prompt service. Will definitely be buying again.
  • Anne Lacombe 13 February 2018
    Lovely item great service many thanks!
  • Cindy Bridge 12 February 2018
    Product as described. Fast delivery. Perfect! Thanks very much! :)
  • Paul Geary 11 February 2018
    Value for money. Seems to be a good product even though I have only just started to use it. Nice taste when mixing with yogurt or cereals.
  • Temocico Marius 11 February 2018
    Super-fast delivery by Royal Mail, thank you!
  • Claudia Filipa Meirinho Marques 9 February 2018
    The Spirulina is as described, and arrived in perfect state. Exactly as described, fast delivery, well packed.
  • Cass Bennett 6 February 2018
    Excellent product! I highly recommend it!
  • Susan Armstrong 5 February 2018
    Quick delivery. Excellent condition. Thank you!
  • Jean Street 4 February 2018
    Good value for money compared to shops :)
  • Tammy McCarthy 2 February 2018
    I bought it for the second time. Excellent product and service!!!
  • Elizabeth Loader 31 January 2018
    Love this product. Very fast delivery, very good price.
  • Marc Napoletano 30 January 2018
    Very happy with this purchase. Spirulina arrived in good time!
  • Margaret Gentles 26 January 2018
    Happy with product and delivery.
  • Dawn Clarke 23 January 2018
    Outstanding transaction perfect in every way and there no harm to any animals at all what more can i ask plus i am vegan so its very important to me!
  • M.D. 21 January 2018
    Très satisfaite merci!
  • Roberto Verdinelli 17 January 2018
    Repeated purchase. Like this product it was request by my clients. Always on time.
  • Mark Andrew 15 January 2018
    Happy with product! Just as I remember it, great smell, great price.
  • Dee Platt 15 January 2018
    Prompt delivery. Product is as described. Thanks!
  • Jim Falconer 10 January 2018
    Excellent product and very fast delivery, customer service really helpful, thank you!
  • V. Catabay 8 January 2018
    I am very happy with this product and it's all natural - I will be looking at more items that you have available - thanks!
  • Su Melancon 8 January 2018
    Product arrived in great condition and it is vegan!!!!
  • John Holroyd 28 December 2017
    Wonderful organic product! Very happy! Thanks very much.
  • Kate Brown 23 December 2017
    I love this product! Prompt delivery.
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    Spirulina was exactly as expected. Very fast delivery, arrived a lot sooner than I figured. Thank you!
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    Excellent purchase! Perfect! Thank you so much!
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    Good prompt and well packaged. Happy with purchase.
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    Item arrived extremely quickly. As described. Very happy to have found this cuban spirulina! Merci!
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    The items arrived early which was a bonus, as advertised and well-packaged. The price of organic Spirulina was very good and competitive with other websites. Will purchase again from this seller.
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    Very happy with my purchase.....perfect!
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    Prompt and reliable service. The spirulina arrived in very good condition.
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    These supplements are excellent and much cheaper to buy in bulk. They arrived the next week which was great. Would highly recommend and will be buying again in future.
  • W. J. Philpot 3 December 2017
    Regular user of the product find Spirulina very good!
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    I would definitely buy these again, very pleased.
  • Agnes B. 29 November 2017
    Great product. I've used before. It works really good with a sensible diet!
  • Dawn M. Fish 26 November 2017
    Always purchase this Spirulina online. Great savings. Prompt service.
  • Ashley Daniel 25 November 2017
    I was amazed at how quickly it arrived! Thanks so much!
  • John Stallard 21 November 2017
    Excellent service, and lightning fast delivery.
  • Jane McGlennon 18 November 2017
    Spirulina arrived as described and without issue.
  • Katie Trucker 17 November 2017
    Haven't used the spirulina yet, but the delivery was on schedule.
  • Cyndi Boehmer 16 November 2017
    Excited for the product, can’t wait to order more!
  • T. L. Gane 10 November 2017
    Excellent service, well packaged and fast delivery. A+ Very happy returning customer and will definitely buy from seller again!
  • Allen Cole 6 November 2017
    Arrived promptly. Packaged well. Will buy this again.
  • Lucia Cardarelli 6 November 2017
    I am very satisfied with the Organic Cuban Spirulina. I use it everyday... Amazing product! I order frequently from this seller.
  • Mrs. Valerie C. 3 November 2017
    Bought this Cuban spirulina a couple of times, very good product for the money. Service always been great.
  • Dale Gilbert 29 October 2017
    Satisfaite de l'article. Il est tel que décrit.
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    I had previously taken non-organic Spirulina. Switching to an organic Spirulina has revealed it's true flavor.
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    This works!! I've tried other products but none work as well as this.
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    Exactly what I ordered yet to try it out.
  • Lori-Ann Kasprow 16 September 2017
    I originally purchased this for my mother, and decided to try some myself. My main health issue is my appetite. After taking this for a few days, I realized that I'm starting to have a normal appetite again, so now I have normal set meals every day. As for my mother, we need more time to see results for her (it's been less than one week), but I'm feeling pretty confident about this product!
  • Ed Tower 15 September 2017
    In comparison to the competition Cuba's Health Care is the best!
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    This spirulina is great. Can't say too much about these as you swallow them so I can't really comment on the taste, but overall they appear to be really high quality. They are a deep green and do appear "fresh" rather than chalky as others I have tried. The fact that they are organic and gmo free is an added bonus. I am happy I was able to buy this product and will buy again here.