Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

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Spirel (Spirulina) contains over 65% protein, which is more than any other food including meat and fish.

In addition to many useful components of the Spirel (Spirulina), it has the ability to retain trace minerals in organic form, and is a great source of iron and calcium.

Spirel (Spirulina) is perfectly absorbed and is an absolutely safe vegetarian and vegan product.

It is really the ultimate organic nutritional supplement!

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Description Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

What is Spirel?

Spirel (Spirulina) is a very ancient single-celled organism, which even doesn't have nucleus inside a cell. For many thousands years of fierce competition in the fight for the lives Spirel (Spirulina) has acquired the ability to survive in adverse conditions, so Spirel (Spirulina) includes a full set of necessary substances for survival. Spirel (Spirulina) is produced by Cuban innovative company - laboratory Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM, Havana, Cuba.

How does Spirel work?

In addition to many useful components of the Spirel (Spirulina), it has the ability to retain trace minerals in organic form, and is a great source of iron and calcium.

Spirel (Spirulina) contains over 65% protein, which is more than any other food including meat and fish. It is really the ultimate organic nutritional supplement!

Spirel (Spirulina) absorbs perfectly. It stimulates the vital processes, seriously strengthens the immune system, and gives a good mood.

Spirel (Spirulina) is an absolutely safe product, and its regular use invariably entails a surge of strength and energy. Stresses, increased physical activity and diseases pass through much easier than ever.

In the conditions of modern civilization the ability of Spirel (Spirulina) to effectively detox the body and to rid the body of radionuclides is particularly relevant. For residents of large cities Spirel (Spirulina) is becoming a regular feature of daily diet.

Spirel (Spirulina) is especially recommended for vegetarians and vegans who are leading active lifestyle or living in cold countries and often suffer from a shortage of protein in their diet.

Features Spirel (Spirulina) the Ultimate Organic Vegan Nutritional Supplement

Organic vegan nutritional supplement

All-natural source of key nutrients, contains over 65% protein

Absolutely safe product

Effectively detox the body and rid the body of radionuclides

Recommended for vegetarians and vegans

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  • 05/11/23
    Mine was in great shape and i liked the flavor and quality.
  • 05/11/23
    Just what I wanted. Thank you!
  • 04/10/23
    Very pleased with delivery and condition of product. Pills were well preserved regardless of weather conditions. Very nicely packaged.
  • 03/24/23
    Product was as described.
  • 03/01/23
    Absolutely love it can't wait to buy more.
  • 12/30/22
    I've ordered many. Always good!
  • 12/02/22
    Beau produit et bon goût.
  • 11/17/22
    Item was as described and arrived on time!
  • 10/31/22
    Great item, delivered as promised.
  • 10/22/22
    Good Product, it is a reorder, just what I wanted. This product works well.
  • 10/11/22
    Excellent quality. Product as described. Fast shipping. Thanks.
  • 09/30/22
    Excellent seller and excellent service. Thank you!
  • 09/23/22
    Got what I asked for on time. Very pleased with this seller.
  • 08/23/22
    Good price and good product.
  • 07/14/22
    Commande reçu avant la date et conforme à la description félicitations!
  • 06/27/22
    Nothing special. Just everything went as well as it could.
  • 06/12/22
    Fast delivery & exactly as advertised! Highly recommend this seller!
  • 05/21/22
    Une de mes marques préférée et sans doute mon produit chéri.
  • 04/30/22
    Exactly what I ordered. Arrived promptly. Very pleased.
  • 04/17/22
    Thank you for selling such great products.
  • 04/05/22
    The Spirel is 100% authentic and it smells very good, I will definitely order again!!
  • 03/22/22
    Have used this for years.
  • 01/31/22
    Works great - I am so impressed!
  • 01/25/22
    Excellent Supplement. Great Transaction.
  • 12/26/21
    Highly recommend this seller. They are extremely professional and resolved my issue in a timely manner. There was a problem with one of the bottles in my order and they took care of it. I'll definitely order from them again.
  • 10/18/21
    Good experience, no problems
  • 09/21/21
    Arrived on time and is exactly like it is suppose to be.
  • 07/23/21
    Packed well, arrived when promised.
  • 05/13/21
    Arrived on time and safely packaged. Excellent service!
  • 04/19/21
    Fast delivery... will order again.
  • 04/10/21
    Perfect for keeping my daughter on track with her supplements.
  • 04/07/21
    Exactly as I’d expected. It arrived a day early even, which was great since we were headed out of town.
  • 04/01/21
    Everything was delivered early. The product is as described by the seller. I will continue buying products from this seller.
  • 03/05/21
    This seller is absolutely on point with the product. Will buy again.
  • 02/19/21
    As described and original.
  • 01/15/21
    Best pricing, Been using this supplement for years!
  • 12/18/20
    Love this product, used for long time.
  • 12/09/20
    Arrived in tact and is as described. Very good price.
  • 12/02/20
    Quick delivery. Item as described. Smooth transaction.
  • 11/18/20
    Fast delivery, exactly what I ordered!
  • 10/24/20
    Very satisfied with this product. Could not find it in the store and was happy it was available online.
  • 10/10/20
    Dependable. Product as described and quick shipment.
  • 10/02/20
    Great seller! Product works like a charm. Will definitely buy from again.
  • 09/06/20
    Very pleased
  • 08/25/20
    Always perfect!
  • 08/18/20
    The packaging was superb. Arrived promptly.
  • 08/10/20
    Wonderful product thank you!!
  • 07/25/20
    Excellent company to deal with.
  • 07/15/20
    I always try to buy from Cuban Health Care because they deliver on time and package my items well. Never a problem. Buenísimo!!
  • 07/08/20
    Great service. Product as described. Would def order from this seller again.
  • 06/28/20
    Pleased with product!
  • 06/15/20
    Love this! Please sell them more.
  • 06/09/20
    Repeat product purchase, no problem at all.
  • 06/07/20
    As described and shipped quickly.
  • 06/04/20
    Product was as promised and delivered on time.
  • 05/28/20
    Satisfies otherwise I would have not purchase the item a third time.
  • 05/25/20
    My husband loves this product.
  • 05/19/20
    Use all the time :-)
  • 04/14/20
    I am extremely satisfied with the product and the speed with which it arrived.
  • 03/20/20
    I have tried other products these Labiofam are extremely good!!
  • 03/03/20
    Arrived on time and was as promised by the seller.
  • 02/10/20
    Thank you so much for the quick delivery!!
  • 01/15/20
    Item arrived in stated condition and I will be happy to order from again.
  • 01/09/20
    No issues
  • 01/04/20
    Wonderful scent and price!
  • 12/22/19
    My family and friends really enjoy this wonderful product.
  • 12/14/19
    A quick order of my regular product because I had no time to make it to the store. The spirulina came as advertised & was well-packed so no messes. I will definitely order from them again!
  • 12/10/19
    On time and no complaints - Spirulina is great product!
  • 12/08/19
    Can’t get in stores anymore.
  • 12/02/19
    Item arrived on time, well packaged, and as advertised.
  • 11/27/19
    Great speedy seller. Will order again.
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    Excellent seller. Will buy from again and again. Thank You!!
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    Very prompt in delivery (arrived a day early) and product just as expected. Thanks!
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    Good service and better price.
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    Fast shipping!! Competitive pricing!! Very pleased!!
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    Item was exactly what I wanted and came very timely. Would order again.
  • 10/04/19
    Muy buen producto!
  • 10/04/19
    Item shipped quickly and arrived as described by seller.
  • 10/01/19
    Quick shipment, item as excpected, genuiune labiofam product.
  • 09/28/19
    Again just what I needed.
  • 09/25/19
    Arrived in excellent condition before it was expected!
  • 09/24/19
    Everything went smoothly and product arrived very quickly. Thanks!
  • 09/16/19
    Happy with purchase.
  • 09/06/19
    I received this a lot fast then I was told it would be here. Always a plus!!
  • 09/04/19
    Arrived on time in good shape excellent seller
  • 08/22/19
    Arrived on time, well packaged, & as described. Thank you!!
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    Excellent, as always! Thank you.
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    Excellent product. Decent price.
  • 08/15/19
    All was as expected.
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    Great product and price!
  • 08/03/19
    Second purchase, this time for my daughter. Quick delivery and great product.
  • 08/01/19
    Item as described and arrived quickly. Will buy from seller again!!!
  • 07/31/19
    Yep. Works great :)
  • 07/24/19
    Fast accurate great setvice!
  • 07/19/19
    Arrived quickly and in excellent condition.
  • 07/16/19
    Everything packaged well and accounted for. Great job Cuba's Health Care!
  • 07/15/19
    I'd been looking for these for a while and this is small and easy to take with me.
  • 07/14/19
    Packaged nicely, got here sooner then stated, would buy again.
  • 07/13/19
    Prompt arrival and well packaged. Great product at a great price.
  • 06/30/19
    Been using these for years excellent.
  • 06/26/19
    Great transaction, thank you!
  • 06/18/19
    Love this stuff and have been using it for several years.
  • 06/14/19
    Exactly what I needed.
  • 06/13/19
    They are speedy in their delivery. It was estimated to be here between June 7th and the 12th. It was here the 7th and exactly as described.
  • 06/11/19
    Best ever! would buy again!
  • 06/06/19
    Exactly what I ordered and delivered sooner than expected.
  • 06/04/19
    Excellent to deal with. Fast service, great product!
  • 05/29/19
    Prompt delivery of product, as ordered at a competitive price.
  • 05/23/19
    Product as described came in good shape.
  • 05/21/19
    I always purchase this product from this seller if I can! They're great.
  • 05/20/19
    As usual no problems. Thanks!!
  • 05/03/19
    Everything went exactly as promised. I have ordered this product several times from this seller. The product is always well packaged and arrives in two days. I am very happy with the service of this seller.
  • 04/29/19
    Crazy fast shipping - perfect condition!
  • 04/24/19
    Excellent customer service.
  • 04/22/19
    Item arrived safely and as described. Thank you.
  • 04/22/19
    Great product, really nice organic scent!
  • 04/16/19
    Product arrived as expected in good condition. Pleased with product.
  • 04/16/19
    Goede kwaliteit tekenen heerlijk.
  • 04/08/19
    I love this product. I will be ordering again and again!
  • 04/08/19
    Brand new and sealed. Good experience.
  • 04/07/19
    I've made two purchases from Cuban Health Care. Even with regular, free delivery the items came in only a day or two. Great service!
  • 04/03/19
    I keep leaving excellent feedback. cuz they keep providing excellent service. True that.
  • 04/01/19
    I asked a question and got an immediate response!
  • 03/30/19
    My purchase arrived on time and was just as seller described. Amazing coverage and quality!!
  • 03/23/19
    Best service, packaging and appreciation in town!! I would never hesitate to buy anything from them again. Thank u, thank u!
  • 03/23/19
    Cuban Health Care always does an excellent job with expediting, shipping and great service. Thank you!
  • 03/18/19
    Pleased with this product!
  • 03/10/19
    No issues or complaints with seller. Happy with purchase.
  • 03/05/19
    As advertised. Very effective!
  • 02/28/19
    Cuba Health Care always delivers a quality product in a timely manner. They are my go to vendor.
  • 02/26/19
    Just like they said would buy from this seller again.
  • 02/23/19
    Thank you very much very satisfied with purchase!!
  • 02/20/19
    Item was just as described and arrived on time. No issues.
  • 02/17/19
    Quick and efficient delivery of a great product I and my husband use daily.
  • 02/15/19
    We love this product. Product was delivered timely and packaged neatly.
  • 02/12/19
    Product arrived on time as advertised. Fast and affordable. Will buy again!
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    Great service and product.
  • 02/05/19
    The product came faster than expected and well packaged Yay!
  • 02/01/19
    My brother uses this product and loves it.
  • 01/30/19
    It's a really good Spirulina. Seems to work better for me than any other brand.
  • 01/27/19
    We are very happy with the product. I have tried several other brands and Labiofam seems to be the best. So far we give it a thumbs up!
  • 01/26/19
    Good price and received earlier than planned.
  • 01/23/19
    Everything as advertised.
  • 01/21/19
    Article conforme à la description arrivé avant la date prevue/
  • 01/20/19
    Great product and great bargain.
  • 01/17/19
    My favorite Spirulina! So happy to be able to find them here.
  • 01/16/19
    Excellent service: as described, packaged well and very prompt shipping! Met expectations!
  • 01/14/19
    Product as described.
  • 01/12/19
    Love this spirel, always works!
  • 01/03/19
    Great vegan product!
  • 12/29/18
    Third order, on time and exactly as described.
  • 12/28/18
    Everything was fine thank you! It’s not for me and haven’t used it.
  • 12/25/18
    Excellence service provided by this company. I will continue placing orders through them.
  • 12/22/18
    Item was exactly what was shown online. My daughter was very happy.
  • 12/20/18
    All received as promised and on time.
  • 12/16/18
    Exactly what I was looking for, quick delivery.
  • 12/14/18
    Very pleased with this transaction. Item arrived on time and was as described.
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    Product works great.
  • 12/11/18
    Wonderful product!
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    Have not tried product yet. But I am pleased with the seller.
  • 12/05/18
    Excellent product!
  • 12/04/18
    I have ordered a few times from Cuba's Health Care. They have always delivered by expected date.
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    Love the item, arrived timely, exactly as prescribed!
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    My order arrived much sooner than expected, well packaged and as described. Would not hesitate to do business with this seller again.
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    This product arrived much sooner than anticipated - thank you for the great service!
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    Very satisfied. Excellent consumer experience.
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    Quick delivery. Item arrived in perfect conditions.
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    The package came faster than what was predicted!
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    This is one of the products I keep reordering over and over. Great Spirel!!!
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    Fast shipping, great packaging and the item was exactly as described. I would definitely recommend this seller.
  • 11/02/18
    Super service kaufe gerne wieder.
  • 10/30/18
    Arrived before time and was sent well-packed. Will buy from them again!
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    It was what I ordered, received as described, and in a timely manner. Great, thanks!
  • 10/27/18
    Item as described, shipped quickly and safely.
  • 10/22/18
    A very smooth transaction. I look forward to doing business with you again soon!
  • 10/20/18
    My husband uses this product everyday. He has told many friends that this product works very well for him.
  • 10/17/18
    Fast shipping on a hard to find product in my area.
  • 10/13/18
    I absolutely love them!
  • 10/12/18
    I thought the price outrageous but I bought it for a Vegan friend who says it is worth every P.
  • 10/10/18
    The store is well maintained and the service is very good!
  • 10/09/18
    Everything perfect!
  • 10/07/18
    Excellent product. As described. Arrived on time.
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    Item as described. Best price online I could find. Recommend!
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    Extremely fast shipping!! Spirulina is onderful product. A must try!!
  • 10/02/18
    Thanks for the prompt delivery!
  • 09/29/18
    Everything was good. It is sometimes difficult to find this Labiofam product in stores, so I appreciate getting it through Cuba's Health Care.
  • 09/27/18
    Everything was fine with the seller and product.
  • 09/25/18
    I have used this product many times, so I knew what to expect. I love this product, no problems with the service.
  • 09/22/18
    The entire purchase process was simple and straightforward. Would order again.
  • 09/20/18
    Shipped quickly, received the product well ahead of the expected delivery date.
  • 09/20/18
    Great quality - arrived on time.
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    Love this product, have been using if for years.
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    This was just what I was looking for.
  • 09/15/18
    Schnelle Lieferung, Umweltfreundliche Verpackung!
  • 09/13/18
    I love these supplements and this company. Great quality products. Have been using them many years. I feel they really make a difference.
  • 09/13/18
    Love these Spirulina, been taking them for years.
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    Actually arrived by the first date given rather than in the range of dates and was exactly what we were expecting.
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    Item arrived earlier than expected. Put to use immediately and works great!
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    Arrived as described... It is a good product.
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    Product came quickly and was exactly as I expected.
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    Excellent value for money. Prompt service would definitely use again.
  • 08/31/18
    Delivered expediently and as described.
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    Arrived quickly and as described! Thanks! Good service is so appreciated!
  • 08/27/18
    Most pleased with this high quality supplement. I have now been taking this for a little over two weeks and already seeing a significant benefit to my health. Will purchase this item again once I run out of it.
  • 08/26/18
    Great transaction. Excellent communication and prompt delivery. Thank you!!
  • 08/24/18
    Love this product. Awesome service and fast, thank you!
  • 08/24/18
    The best of the best!!! I can’t imagine my life without their supplements now!!!
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    Item arrived well packed and within the promised time frame. Price was affordable. Satisfied with experience and will purchase again.
  • 08/20/18
    Great supplier, great to deal with, excellent timely service.
  • 08/17/18
    Envoi rapide et colis très bien emballé. Je recommande!!!
  • 08/13/18
    Fast and excellent handling, now I can use the best Spirulina ever even in the USA.
  • 08/10/18
    I searched all over for a perfect Organic Vegan Spirulina, and finally think I have found it. Excellent!!!
  • 08/08/18
    Shipped quickly. Product was just as described. Love this!
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    Arrived sooner than expected, better price than local drug stores.
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    Arrived on time, and in great condition. Product was as described.
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    I buy these all the time from this seller. They ship quickly and its the cheapest way to buy them. Thanks!
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    Excellent product that I have been using for years in Habana. So happy I found it with you and can re-order!
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    Very happy with the seller and fast shipment. Product was just what I was looking for.
  • 07/29/18
    Very prompt delivery, on exact first date stated. Well wrapped. Thank you!
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    Great deal, I’ll have to purchase more from this vendor.
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    Arrived on time and product as expected. Thank you!
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    Well packaged and very reasonably priced.
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    Love this product. Very high quality organic spirulina. Have been using for years!
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    Very fast shipping, item as described, well packaged.
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    Order was received as expected and in good shape. Very pleased with my order. Had no issues. Thanks for a positive purchasing experience.
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    Great product and always as expected. Good quality and green as well.
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    Purchase as expected, everything went very well! Thanks!
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    Would use this company again as it is easy to order goods.
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    I have used this product for years but was having a problem finding it in my local health food store... I ordered it from Cuba's Health Care seller and received it immediately!! No more having to go to the health food store!!!
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    I use this often. I will purchase again in future.
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    Exactly what I wanted, did not contact supplier, no problems at all!
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    Très bien je recommande ce vendeur.
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    Happy with the product and quick delivery as I needed before going away on holidays.
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    Item arrived quickly. Very happy with the product.
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    El producto ya hace años que lo utilizo te limpia en profundidad y te deja la piel muy bonita seguiré utilizando me gusta mucho.
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    Satisfactorio muy exelente!
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    Very good product. I will order again from this seller.
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    Delivered just as promised and very prompt.
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    Todo correcto y muy rápido servicio de entrega y factura.
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    Great product, thank you, I’ll order again soon!
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    Item arrived promptly. No problems. A+++
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    Fast product arrived and excellent packaging thank seller so much for it!!
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    The product arrived on the first day of the estimated delivery time, nice touch. Very pleased with the entire experience.
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    Great experience - fast and nice product.
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    This product works! May take a week to feel it.
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    Very reliable the items will arrive when promised. The prices are the best and the products are top grade. I would go here everytime.
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    Item was delivered promptly and product was fresh.
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    I really like this stuff for my family. Helps with immune system, skin, hair.
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    Everything went as planned.
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    Arrived a day before earliest day promised. Excellent product!
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    This is absolutely the best Spirulina. I used to purchase this from my local seller but when they changed suppliers they stopped selling this. I was so happy to find this on Cuba's Health Care at a great price.
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    Nice delivery time. Good product.
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    The product was exactly as described. We received our order on the due date.
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    Great item fast delivery very happy many thanks!
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    Look forward to trying them and hope they help me etc.
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    I enjoy the product!
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    It was okay I got my item within a reasonable time frame.
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    Love this spirulina and they are very reliable and cordial service.
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    I love this Spirulina! Fast shipping and item was as described by the seller. Thank you!
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    Love this product. Service was excellent!
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    Seamless experience and good packaging - thanks!
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    Very hard to find in shops so l was so glad that Cuba's Health Care sells this product.
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    Good packing and prompt delivery. The product is as advertised. I have taken the supplements now for several weeks with no complaints. I'll reorder.
  • 04/30/18
    Super pleased with this! Thanks so much!
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    Everything went great with my order!
  • 04/28/18
    Hi, The item was delivered on time and it is in good condition. Thank you.
  • 04/27/18
    I will be ordering this again and again because I want it in my list of vitamins and good things for healthful living.
  • 04/25/18
    I like that it's pure and has no chemicals added. My nutritionist recommended it and said that it was the best Spirulina currently on the market.
  • 04/25/18
    Great service and a terrific product. Exceptional customer service. Obviously a valued vendor. Thanks!
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    Delivered when promised and product excellent!
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    First time I have used this seller and it appears to be efficient and well organized.
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    Item arrived well within the estimated time range. Packaging was beautifully minimalist. Zero damage. Superb product.
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    This is my 4th time ordering this. I can't say I love it enough.
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