→ Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) for Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment
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Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) for Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

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5.0 5 706 Customer Ratings.

Original Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta), wide-known Cuban psoriasis and alopecia treatment!

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) is well-known and an extremely popular psoriasis and alopecia treatment among buyers from all over the world because of its ease of use, great result, and low price.

Application of the lotion helps to reduce the flaking of scalp psoriasis, seborrhea, alopecia (universal or androgenetic alopecia).

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) strengthens hair roots, increases the hair's thickness, reduces flaking skin, and prevents premature baldness.

Description Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) for Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) for Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

What is Pilotrofina?

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) is designed by Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, Havana, Cuba for the treatment of scalp psoriasis, and treatment of alopecia (for oily, prone to itching and flaking scalp), also as a complement to shampoo de placenta, dermal bioactive soap, and dermotrofica cream.

How does Pilotrofina work?

Lotion with the addition of the placenta (Pilotrofina, Lotion de Placenta, Lotion Piloregeneradora) contains purified human placental substance which has a stimulating effect on the hair.

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) strengthens hair roots, increases the hair's thickness, reduces flaking skin, and prevents premature baldness.

Lotion improves blood circulation in the scalp, facilitates the improvement of the process of protein synthesis, and increases the local supply of essential amino acids.

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) is designed for the treatment of scalp psoriasis, and treatment of alopecia (for oily, prone to itching and flaking scalp), also as a complement to shampoo de placenta, dermal bioactive soap, and dermotrofica cream.

How to use

Apply Pilotrofina lotion once a day, preferably at the same time of the day. Rub it with a cotton swab into the scalp (to the affected areas), from the front to the occipital part. During treatment, wash the hair at least 1-2 times a week. Better to use shampoo de placenta (Champú de Placenta), dermal bioactive soap, and dermotrofica cream (Crema Dermotrófica). Suitable for all hair types!

Is Pilotrofina safe to use?

Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) has no secondary inconveniences, neither local nor systemic. During studios did not reveal any side effects associated with it. There are no medical contraindications.

Features Pilotrofina (Lotion de Placenta) for Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

Suitable for all hair types!

Strengthens hair roots, stimulates hair growth, increases its thickness

Helps to reduce the flaking of scalp psoriasis, seborrhea, and prevents premature baldness

Improves blood circulation in the scalp

Has a stimulating effect on the hair

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  • Carl M. Carbone 22 June 2019
    I thought it was timely and all the interaction with the seller was very polite.
  • Elizabeth Amaral 20 June 2019
    Great service and price this is the only hair product my husband will use.
  • Terri Harrison 20 June 2019
    Just as advertised and arrived on time.
  • David Kopytko 18 June 2019
    This is my second order from the seller. Delivered before estimated date. Awesome!
  • Anatoliy Ashmyanskiy 18 June 2019
    Have bought this product before; ran out. Ordered more. Very satisfied.
  • Andrew Fulton 17 June 2019
    I have no problem with this seller, the product works fine.
  • Elidaine F. 15 June 2019
    Arrive on time and packaged real good would buy again. Gracias!
  • Pedro A. Vera 14 June 2019
    Fast and competent service
  • Elizabeth Choy 13 June 2019
    The product does as it says. Danke!
  • Peter Wong 13 June 2019
    Arrive on time and in good condition. Thank you!
  • John Cramer 11 June 2019
    Excellent seller. Items arrived on time and worked as described. Received a follow up email from seller to insure I was satisfied with my purchase. Nice.
  • Adam Lawrence 6 June 2019
    Product was delivered earlier than expected (which was nice). Cuba's Health Care also packs things well for shipping. I always appreciate that!
  • Debra Jean 5 June 2019
    On time, product as advertised, no problem
  • Nancie Carter 4 June 2019
    Good company, always delivers promptly.
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    Excelente producto
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    No complaints! Great product, our second time ordering, and delivered as promised!
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    Received items early. No issues with product whatsoever!!
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    Great service here! Buy with confidence.
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    Item was well packaged, works great, would order again.
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    The item arrived in excellent condition. Highly satisfied.
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    Love this product along with the shampoo.
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    Delivered promptly. Item as described.
  • Liu Han Yung 20 May 2019
    Easy transaction, items as described arrived on time.
  • William Nostrand 3 May 2019
    Came rather quickly, was wrapped securely for a liquid item from my recollection. No complaints.
  • Mathew Calica 3 May 2019
    It does the job.
  • David Miñarro Costa 29 April 2019
    Great product! Super fast shipping!! AAA seller!! Thanks!!
  • Cheri Grocott 26 April 2019
    Items arrived promptly and order was correct. Pleased with the seller.
  • Melissa Hyatt 24 April 2019
    On time and as described. Excellent value.
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    This holds both the shampoo and pilotrofina.
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    Exactly what I ordered and a great product!
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    Pilotrofina was here on time. I am very pleased and would order it again.
  • Sean McSharry 30 March 2019
    Good price, fast shipping, seller recommended, A++
  • Tahmina Islam 28 March 2019
    I love this conditioner! My third time buying this!
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    My order arrived in a timely manner. I am pleased with Cuban Health Care!
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    Can't get this at my local store anymore. So happy to have found it here.
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    This was my first order with Cuban Health Care. I will definitely reorder.
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