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Melagenina Plus Lotion for Vitiligo Treatment

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5.0 5 1330 Customer Ratings.

Original Melagenina Plus lotion, the globally trusted therapy for vitiligo!

Melagenina Plus lotion is widely known and an extremely popular vitiligo solution in all over the world because of its high efficiency. Numerous studies proved the effectiveness of treatment, and showed that 85% of Melagenina Plus users (about 17 of 20) have been cured from vitiligo! Unlike the previous Melagenina treatment, Melagenina Plus requires only once daily application and does not require exposure to the sun.

Description Melagenina Plus Lotion for Vitiligo Treatment

Melagenina Plus Lotion for Vitiligo Treatment

What is Melagenina® Plus?

Melagenina Plus, the globally trusted therapy for vitiligo nowadays, was announced in 1998.

This Melagenina Plus vitiligo solution is manufactured in Cuba, in a factory called Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, Havana, Cuba. This pharmacological product is an alcoholic extract from human placenta, containing placental lipoprotein fraction. Its active ingredients are melagenina and calcium chloride. Unlike the previous Melagenina treatment, Melagenina Plus requires only once daily application and does not require exposure to the sun.

Melagenina Plus lotion very quickly became widely known and an extremely popular vitiligo solution in all over the world because of its high efficiency. There have been many studies proving the effectiveness of treatment, and these showed that 85% of Melagenina Plus users (about 17 of 20) have been cured from vitiligo!

How does Melagenina Plus work?

Contained in the Melagenina Plus extract substances have the ability to induce repigmentation (cause a recovery of skin pigmentation) in vitiligo (a disease characterized by the appearance of depigmented patches of skin), increasing skin absorption of ultraviolet rays, and contributing to the formation of melanin.

It generally works by stimulating the reproduction of melanocytes, particularly in the borders and the inside of the achromic areas of the skin. Additionally, Melagenina Plus helps in accelerating the melanin production process, which induces skin repigmentation. Because of these, the treatment has been very effective and is gaining popularity not just in Cuba but in other countries as well.

How to use

Melagenina Plus is a facile lotion, applied on the affected areas. To use it, first shake the bottle to mix the contents. Then the lotion is applied with the fingertips over the affected areas. Do this once a day, at the same time each day. There is no need any more for ultraviolet light exposure or infrared radiation after application. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided.

If this is applied correctly, then a change can be noticed within several days. First, there will be a light reddening of the area, followed by a slight opacification, then eventually a repigmentation that approximates the natural skin color.

This lotion can also be applied on affected mucous surfaces, but it should not be rubbed in so as not to cause irritation. Darker areas will be repigmented more quickly comparing to the lighter areas. Upon application, the lotion starts working on the epidermis via transcutaneous absorption, which leads to gradual skin repigmentation.

There is also a really great addition to Melagenina Plus lotion - it's a Protector Solar (Sun Protection) gel, specially designed by Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria as a complement to Melagenina Plus. Gel applies in the case of a long stay in the open air and strong sunlight. It helps to protect skin from solar radiation and in combination with Melagenina Plus provides an additional positive effect in the treatment of vitiligo.

Is Melagenina Plus safe to use?

Melagenina Plus has no secondary inconveniences, neither local nor systemic. There are no any known serious side effects associated with it.

Melagenina Plus lotion is compatible with any kind of food or drink, as well as with any kind of medicine (except of corticosteroids, corticoids, psoralens, and cytostatics, which counteract Melagenina Plus efficiency).

It produces no side effects. The innocuousness of the treatment with Melagenina Plus allows it to be used with children as well as adults, also with elder people, pregnant women and during menstruation.

Features Melagenina Plus Lotion for Vitiligo Treatment

High efficiency (85% of Melagenina Plus users have been cured from vitiligo)

The innocuousness (produces no side effects)

Requires only once daily application, and does not require exposure to the sun or to the UV-rays

Allows it to be used with children as well as adults, also with elder people, pregnant women and during menstruation

Compatible with any kind of food or drink, as well as with any kind of medicine (except of corticosteroids, corticoids, psoralens, and cytostatics, which counteract Melagenina Plus efficiency).

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  • Mary Tere Mulligan 22 June 2019
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    Just as said to be
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    Items arrived quickly and in great condition. Excellent! Thank you!
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    The order arrived promptly and in good condition! Box was opened however nothing missing or damaged though.
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    Order arrived before the schedule time. Shipment was packaged by the seller & I am extremely satisfied. My recent experience with other sellers has been poor packaging. This seller took all precautions so product was protected!! Definitely will be my go-to-seller for this product.
  • Donald W. James 14 June 2019
    Received the melagenina plus lotion with protector solar gel quickly and were exactly what I was expecting. Thank you.
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    Quality product, quick shipment. They arrive on 06/11/19. Thank you I will order more.
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  • Tayeb 25 December 2017
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