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Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burn and Scar Treatments

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Famous Hebermin Healing Cream, the high effective Cuban treatment for burn and scar injuries!

Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream is well-known and very popular treatment of the cutaneous lesions, incl. injuries due to superficial radiation therapy.

Description Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burn and Scar Treatments

Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burn and Scar Treatments

What is Hebermin®?

Hebermin is innovative medical cream for external application. Hebermin healing cream was developed by Heber Biotec S.A. (Havana, Cuba) and clinically tested in Cuba and around the world.

Hebermin - it is first and foremost an effective drug with bactericidal, wound-healing, anti-microbial effect. It stimulates the healing of wounds of various origins. Hebermin is indispensable tool for burn injuries treatment, because Hebermin accelerates skin scarring, maintains the elasticity of skin, and increases the epithelialization.

As producer Heber Biotec S.A. says, “Hebermin is indicated for the burn and scar treatment, achieving a considerable reduction of the cicatrization time, in superficial and profound dermic burns. In hypodermic burns, Hebermin also shortens the time of evolution upon achieving an area of granulation of more quality that facilitates the reception of the graft. Hebermin is very useful in the ulcer treatment by extravasation of cytostatics and by circulatory insufficiency, and in the prophylaxis of injuries due to superficial radiation therapy.”

Hebermin®, 30 gHebermin®, 200 g

Heber Biotec S.A. Hebermin comes in two versions. First is Hebermin, pack 30 g and second is Hebermin, pack 200 g.

How does Hebermin work?

Hebermin is a cicatrizant healing cream that has a high effectiveness in the treatment of the cutaneous lesions, because its fundamental component is the FCEh peptide, peptide of 53 amino acids that stimulates the cellular proliferation.

As an active components Hebermin contains EGF and Silver. EGF is a gene of human epidermal growth factor, so organism perceives the drug as a natural source of new skin cells. Silver in turn has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. It effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, Candida fungus, and Dermatophytes.

The hydrophilic base of Hebermin provides a mild dehydrating effect, reduces skin pain, creates and maintains the necessary therapeutic concentration of the active ingredients in the injured area of the skin.

The drug has a cosmetic effect also, it provides scar aesthetics due to the normalization of orientation and aging collagen fibers, and prevents pathological scarring.

How to use

Hebermin can be applied at all stages of the wound healing process.

First apply the standard debridement with antiseptic solutions in the case of wound infection.

After drying the wound surface, apply 1-2 mm thick layer of cream on it.

a) For the closed (or wet) method of treatment, place sterile gauze or occlusive coating above (healing in a moist environment). For weak superficial burns (I-II degree) and some deep (III degree) burns, is possible to use atraumatic mesh wound covering. For the wet method, as well as in case of the pronounced exudation recommended applying is 1 time per day. In case of moderate or scanty exudation cream applying could be performed 1 time in 2 days.

In case of the sticking to the wound, and in order to prevent undesirable drying of the wound surface is recommended to moisturize the wipes, superimposed on top of the cream, by sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution or some other medical antiseptic solution.

b) For the open (without bandaging) method of treatment cream should be applied 1-3 times per day.

Before to apply cream next time, wound should be cleaned by sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution or some other medical antiseptic solution. The procedure should be carried out carefully, in order to avoid injury of new-formed granulation tissue and growing epithelium.

Treatment continued until epithelialization of the wound or its readiness for a plastic closure.

c) For the prevention of radiation dermatitis 1mm thick layer is applied on the irradiated skin, keeping it for a 6-8 hours - then cream should be removed. Application continues daily throughout the all course of radiation therapy, and does not interrupted in the event of a forced pass any of irradiation procedures.

Keep cream tightly closed in a dry, dark place, with temperature 15-25 °C (60-77 °F).

Is Hebermin safe to use?

Hebermin cream is suitable for adults and children older than one year, for the treatment of:

- superficial and deep skin burns of varying degrees;
- trophic ulcers (including, but not limited to, chronic venous insufficiency, endarteritis obliterans, diabetes, erysipelas);
- pressure ulcers;
- nonhealing wounds (including stump wounds, wounds during autodermoplasty in areas between lysis and got accustomed skin, residual wounds at the donor skin areas);
- violations integrity of the skin in case of injuries, surgical and cosmetic interventions;
- frostbite;
- ulcers developing with the introduction of cytotoxic drugs;
- the treatment and prevention of radiation dermatitis, including superficial radiotherapy.

Incompatibilities or interactions with other medicines are not found. No cases of overdose were observed.


- hypersensitivity to sulfonamides, silver and other ingredients of Hebermin;
- children under the age of 1 year;
- the drug should not be used on areas with active neoplastic lesions and to stimulate the scarring in the areas of surgical excision.

Possible side effects

The drug was well tolerated. In rare cases may appear:
- allergic reactions, typical of sulfa drugs and preparations containing silver;
- the appearance of a burning sensation, pain, contractions and discomfort in the area of cream application (usually disappear on their own in 5-10 minutes after applying).

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Hebermin has not been sufficiently studied about the effects in the fetus or infant, so its use is not recommended during pregnancy and during lactation.


Use with caution in congenital deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, liver failure and kidney failure. For open method of treatment you should avoid direct sunlight of treated areas.

Features Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burn and Scar Treatments

High efficiency

Effective cream with bactericidal, wound-healing, anti-microbial effect

Accelerates skin scarring, maintains the elasticity of skin, and increases the epithelialization

Provides a mild dehydrating effect, reduces skin pain, creates and maintains the necessary therapeutic concentration of the active ingredients in the injured area of the skin

Has a cosmetic effect, provides scar aesthetics due to the normalization of orientation and aging collagen fibers, and prevents pathological scarring

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