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Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burns and Scars Treatment

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Famous Hebermin Healing Cream is high effective Cuban treatment for burn and scar injuries!

Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream is a well-known and very popular treatment of the cutaneous lesions, incl. injuries caused by exposition to superficial radiation.

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Description Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burns and Scars Treatment

Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burns and Scars Treatment

What is Hebermin®?

Hebermin is an innovative medical cream for external application. Hebermin healing cream was developed by Heber Biotec S.A. (Havana, Cuba), clinically tested in Cuba and around the world.

Hebermin is the first and foremost effective drug with bactericidal, wound-healing, anti-microbial effect. It stimulates the healing of wounds of various origins. Hebermin® cream has shown great results when treating dermatitis from radiation therapy, including with trophic ulcers, cold burns. Hebermin is indispensable tool for burn injuries treatment, because Hebermin accelerates skin scarring, maintains the elasticity of skin, and increases the epithelialization.

As producer Heber Biotec S.A. says, "Hebermin is indicated for the burns and scars treatment, achieving a considerable reduction of the cicatrization time, in superficial and profound dermic burns. In hypodermic burns, Hebermin also shortens the time of evolution upon achieving an area of granulation of better quality that facilitates the reception of the graft. Hebermin is very useful in the ulcer treatment by extravasation of cytostatics and by circulatory insufficiency, and in the prophylaxis of injuries caused by superficial radiation therapy."

Hebermin®, 30 gHebermin®, 200 g

Hebermin cream is a white homogenous mass with a slightly detected smell. As of today Hebermin is a unique solution with no direct analogue available. It is produced at only one factory in the whole world, located in Havana, Republic of Cuba. Heber Biotec S.A. Hebermin comes in two versions. First is Hebermin, pack 30 g and second is Hebermin, pack 200 g.

How does Hebermin work?

Hebermin is a cicatrizant healing cream that has a high effectiveness in treatment of cutaneous lesions, because its fundamental component which is the FCEh peptide, peptide of 53 amino acids that activate the ability of human cells to regenerate and restore their lost properties. Cream application gently accelerates scarring of tissues and restoration of elasticity. Peptides promote the body to engage its own regenerative functions.

As active components Hebermin contains EGF and Silver. EGF is a gene of human epidermal growth factor, so organism perceives the drug as a natural source of new skin cells. Silver has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. It is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, Candida fungus, and Dermatophytes.

The hydrophilic base of Hebermin provides a mild dehydrating effect, reduces skin pain, creates and maintains the necessary therapeutic concentration of the active ingredients in the injured area of skin.

The drug has also a cosmetic effect, it makes scars more aesthetic due to the normalization of orientation and aging collagen fibers, and prevents pathological scarring.

Pharmaco-kinetic studies have proved that when the solution was applied on burn surface, wound intact skin, no penetration of the drug into the systemic circulation has taken place.

Doctors note a good tolerance of the drug. Clinical trials found no serious side effects. Allergic reactions were observed rarely, which are standard for solutions containing sulfonamide component and silver. Allergy manifests as a slight burning sensation, feeling of contraction, but after applying cream and bandaging, discomfort disappears in 10-15 minutes.

How to use

Hebermin can be applied at all stages of the wound healing process.

First apply the standard debridement with antiseptic solutions in case of wound infection.

After drying the wound surface, apply there 1-2mm layer of cream.

a) For the closed (or wet) method of treatment, cover it with sterile gauze or occlusive coating (healing in a moist environment). For weak superficial burns (I-II degree) and some deep (III degree) burns, it is possible to use atraumatic mesh wound covering. For the wet method, as well as in case of pronounced exudation one daily application is recommended. In case of moderate or scanty exudation cream application could be performed 1 time in 2 days.

In case of sticking to the wound, and in order to prevent undesirable drying of the wound surface it is recommended to moisturize the wipes, superimposed on top of the cream, by sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution or some other medical antiseptic solution.

b) For the open (without bandaging) method of treatment cream should be applied 1-3 times per day.

Before new cream application, wound should be cleaned with sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution or some other medical antiseptic solution. The procedure should be carried out carefully, in order to avoid injury of new-formed granulation tissues and growing epithelium.

If the open treatment method is used, then it is necessary to completely avoid exposure of the treated areas to direct sunlight.

Treatment should be continued until epithelialization of the wound or its readiness for a plastic closure.

c) For the prevention of radiation dermatitis 1 mm layer is applied on the irradiated skin, keeping it for 6-8 hours - then cream should be removed. Should be applied daily throughout the whole course of radiation therapy, and should not be interrupted in the event of a forced pass any of irradiation procedures.

Keep cream tightly closed in a dry, dark place, at temperature 15-25 °C (60-77 °F).

Is Hebermin safe to use?

Hebermin cream is suitable for adults and children older than one year, for treatment of:

- superficial and deep skin burns of varying degrees;
- trophic ulcers (including, but not limited to, chronic venous insufficiency, endarteritis obliterans, diabetes, erysipelas);
- pressure ulcers;
- nonhealing wounds (including stump wounds, wounds during autodermoplasty in areas between lysis and got accustomed skin, residual wounds at the donor skin areas);
- violations integrity of the skin in case of injuries, surgical and cosmetic interventions;
- frostbite;
- ulcers developing with the introduction of cytotoxic drugs;
- the treatment and prevention of radiation dermatitis, including superficial radiotherapy.

Incompatibilities or interactions with other medicines were not found. No cases of overdose were observed.


- hypersensitivity to sulfonamides, silver and other ingredients of Hebermin;
- children under the age of 1 year;
- the drug should not be used on areas with active neoplastic lesions and to stimulate the scarring in the areas of surgical excision.

Possible side effects

The drug was well tolerated. In rare cases may appear:

- allergic reactions, typical of sulfa drugs and preparations containing silver;
- the appearance of a burning sensation, pain, contractions and discomfort in the area of cream application (usually disappear on their own in 5-10 minutes after applying).

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Hebermin has not been sufficiently studied about the effects on fetus or infant, so its use is not recommended during pregnancy and during lactation.


Use with caution in congenital deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, liver failure and kidney failure. For open method of treatment you should avoid exposure of treated areas to direct sunlight.

Additional instructions

In case of prolonged treatment of burned wounds with Hebermin, sulfonamides plasma levels may increases. And this in return leads to nausea, vomiting, stool discomfort, painful joint sensitivity, headaches, as well as kidney and liver damage, limb cramps, and disinhibition of consciousness. Signs of an overdose are eliminated with symptom relieving drugs. In case of overdose, a large amount of liquid should be used, daily dialysis should not fall below 1200 ml.

Interaction with other drugs

Cream should not be assigned together with wound cleanse enzymatic solutions.

Application jointly with Cimetidine increases risk of leukopenia developing.

Features Hebermin (Facdermin) Healing Cream for Burns and Scars Treatment

High efficiency

Effective cream with bactericidal, wound-healing, anti-microbial effect

Accelerates skin scarring, maintains the elasticity of skin, and increases the epithelialization

Provides a mild dehydrating effect, reduces skin pain, creates and maintains the necessary therapeutic concentration of the active ingredients in the injured area of the skin

Has a cosmetic effect, provides scar aesthetics due to the normalization of orientation and aging collagen fibers, and prevents pathological scarring

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    I really like this product. I bought to use on a scar from knee replacement surgery and after four months you can hardly tell it is there.
  • 10/07/18
    I am generally pleased with this product. It feels great on my skin. My skin looks healthier. No complaints!
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    Works great. Would buy again.
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    Arrived well packed within the earlier estimated arrival time.
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    Quick, fast and entirely satisfactory service. Thanks!!
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    Thank you very much. Best quality product and very very fast shipping.
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    Took a little longer from order date than I would have liked, but the product is great and as it came from an international source, to be expected.
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    Article livré dans les délais spécifiés (en avance de 8 jours). Emballage très soigné.
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    Have used this Hebermin healing cream before, very good.
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    I'm so glad you are carrying this item.
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    Seller was great. Quick delivery!
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    It arrived on time. I've just started using it so I hope I see results.
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    Have been very pleased with this cream. Does what it says.
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    Love this product. After only one week of use, the difference in my skin is very noticeable. Much more better looking. I will continue using and repurchasing. Excellent product!
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    Product arrived one day earlier than even promised. Very happy about that! Also appreciated email they sent asking to be sure to contact them for help if any issue should arise.
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    Muy buen servicio y gran producto.
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    Great company to deal with, will order though them again in the future.
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    Product arrived quickly and the seller sent follow up email in regards to what to expect with consistent use of Hebermin healing cream.
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    Prompt delivery of item and was packaged well. Very happy!
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    Item just as described. Thank you.
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    Was as expected.
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    Delivered in good time, well wrapped, exactly what was ordered, will deal with again!
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    Excellent service keeping me informed of progress with my order at all times.
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    I received this item and was very pleased. I have used this product for several years, but cannot find it locally to purchase.
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    Package arrived on time, well packed, not damaged, and was as advertised.
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    Great, product as described and prompt delivery. Does the job exactly as it states on the tin.
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    2nd purchase of this. Got the usual great service.
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    On time and sealed.
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    The product arrived on time, was securely packed and was as described. That qualifies as a 5/5.
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    Very fast, consistent seller. Been ordering my stuff with this company for about 1 1/2 years now. No complaints, shall continue to be a loyal customer.
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    This was a great transaction. The Hebermin arrived quickly, in excellent condition.
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    Items received well packed in sealed containers. Great product! Thank you seller!
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    I was very happy with how quickly the item arrived. I also appreciated receiving the translated instructions in the mail. So far extremely happy with the purchase!!
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    Best healing cream anyone can buy I am from Europe and my mother use to use this.
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    Will continue to use.
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    Good quality product as advertised arrived quickly in appropriate / sufficient packaging. Thank you!
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    Great seller, items arrived quickly from overseas.
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    It seems to be helping smooth out my skin I'll continue using it and see what happens!
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    I have used this cream before but not easily available from local shops.
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    These arrived quickly and safely. Love this stuff. Hard to find in store. Thanks!
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    Everything was as expected 5/5
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    Prompt service with emails notifying me of delivery. The Hebermin healing cream works wonders for my hand!
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    Excellent product and delivery!! Thank you. Mrs J Lewis.
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    Item arrived promptly & well packaged thanks.
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    Easy to order and quick delivery would recommend!
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    If I could rate the seller higher I would, after a problem due to the carrier and clearly out of their control, when I contacted them they responded and my package was delivered next day top quality service a company I would definitely recommend.
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    I love this product!
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    Product arrived quickly. Works really well. Thanks.
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    Used it once does what it says!
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    Very good delivery service, product works well. Will certainly reorder when the time comes.
  • 03/15/18
    Scar treatment cream really works! I've tried several similar products but came back to Hebermin because it even lightens old wounds and scars. I highly recommend it.
  • 03/15/18
    Delivery was delayed, but it was the weather's fault. Item is as described and exactly what I was looking for.
  • 03/13/18
    Great cream. We had bought every cream found at the pharmacy to treat a scar. I finally started using Hebermin only and it cleared up.
  • 03/10/18
    My wife’s product. She was pleased.
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    A friend had recommended the product and I was excited to receive the product quickly and it be exactly as they described. Thank you!
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    Delivered on time and as expected. Great service. Thank you.
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    Came quickly and just as advertised! Best scar healing cream ever!
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    This is my second order with this seller and I will order again.
  • 02/28/18
    Article reçu rapidement et bien emballé. Début du traitement 1er janvier 2018. À voir sur le long terme les bienfaits du Hebermin.
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    All was as described, on time and in perfect condition. Thank you!
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    Sehr nette Betreuung...vielen Dank nocheinmal!
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    Servizio perfetto. Venditore cortese e affidabile. Tempi ottimi!
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    Great seller, fast delivery and great product. Looking forward to the results.
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    Quick delivery, good quality, good price - smooth!!!!
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    Just started using the cream so unsure of results yet but so far it's good.
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    First class service and cream - thank you!
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    I love this cream, it does exactly what it says it will do!
  • 01/21/18
    Couldn't ask for better service. Item arrived in half the maximum time estimated for shipping and was exactly what I was looking for.
  • 01/16/18
    I had purchased this product in Italy and was happy too see that I could get it through Cuba's Health Care online.
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    Came on time and well packaged. Good quality and size Hebermin scar treatment cream. I would recommend this seller and will buy from this seller again.
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    Excellent transaction. Item exactly as described, with fast dispatch. Highly recommended seller!
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    Product was what was expected. Pleased all around!
  • 12/29/17
    I live in USA and love this country, but I miss some things here in US, and high on that list is Hebermin healing cream for burn and scar treatment, which I can't buy off the shelf in US. I ordered the 200 gram Hebermin box and it arrived exactly as promised. Yes it's pricier than I'd have paid in the United Kingdom but I got free shipping and got it delivered to my door. Good job.
  • 12/28/17
    Arrived sooner than expected...very nice product.
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    Very happy with the product. Exactly what I wanted.
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    Package arrived earlier than expected. Very happy with the service!
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    Hard to find this big pack of Hebermin scar treatment, especially in the US. This seller always has stock!
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    Always reliable and in good time. Love this product hebermin healing cream is the only cream i have ever taken that doesn't repeat on you.
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    Arrived promptly in good condition very happy thanks!
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    Perfect! So happy with it!
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    Delivery man dumped it in my green bin. He didn't knock, I heard his van and him put note through. Bins were emptied the same day. I did get my parcel and am very pleased with it.
  • 11/19/17
    Reorder ... always here on time, quality product & reseller!
  • 11/17/17
    Has done wonders for my skin!
  • 11/16/17
    Seems to be a great product but have only used it for about 5 days. Waiting for a longer period to see if it does what it advertised to do. So far so good!
  • 11/11/17
    Has helped me. Great product.
  • 11/08/17
    Excellent service, plus rapide que prévu. Très satisfaite!
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    Product arrived on time. Works pretty well. Would buy again.
  • 11/05/17
    This is the second time I've ordered this product and both times I have been completely satisfied with my order.
  • 11/03/17
    Always very pleased with hebermin. Nice product for the skin i often buy it and it last a long time.
  • 10/31/17
    Seems to be a good product, nice packaging and great service. No issues with order and delivery.
  • 10/29/17
    Package arrived well within timeframe and price was good!
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    Very quick delivery and well packed its a nice scar healing cream!
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    Prompt delivery and is as described by the seller.
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    Article arrivé plus tôt que prévu, super produit et bon tarif pour ce format (Hebermin 200g)
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    Hebermin arrived on time, using now, hoping for great results.
  • 10/16/17
    Great item and fast shipping thanks! Cuban hebermin scar treatment cream is the only suitable for my skin. Great product!
  • 10/13/17
    There was no contact with the seller because there was no need. Product arrived on time as described so it was fine!
  • 10/11/17
    Spedizione velocissima, partito dall'Inghilterra arrivato da me in meno di undici giorni, ottimo anche l'imballo. TOP
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    Very smooth transaction. I really enjoy this Hebermin product. Thank you very much!
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    Great company. They resolved a system error right away. Really good customer service will be buying from them again.
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    Fast and easy transaction. Will order from this seller again.
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    The only cream I have found that is ok for my sensitive skin.
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    Great service once again. Product securely packed and delivered on time.
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    I received a quality product!
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    Product works great! Delivery was as promised.
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    It arrived early than expected. Very happy with entire process. Great product, bravo!
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    Easy to order, prompt delivery, would use company again.
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    Good job thank you!!!
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    Hebermin was well-packed and it arrived on time. Could not have gone better. Would use them again.
  • 09/13/17
    I get these and use them on a regular basis.
  • 09/11/17
    Customer service was very kind and replied quickly. Thank you for the product!
  • 09/08/17
    Prompt delivery and great item! Couldn't recommend enough, saving me a fortune!
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    The products are high quality. I've purchased Hebermin before.
  • 09/05/17
    Sehr gute Qualität, hilft wirklich, bin top zufrieden!
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    Excellent item, excellent service. It is working OK.
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    Excellent item as described. Super fast delivery. Many thanks!
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    Great! Fast shipping! Good packaging! Item as described!
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    Excellent product arrived on time.
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    I am very pleased with the product I received. Great value and service!
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    First class. Ordered for local pickup and item was at the location within the time specified. Well packed. No issues.
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    Prompt delivery of this item which I looked everywhere, so really happy!
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    Great transaction as always. Quick shipping & fantastic product. Will continue to order from Cuba's Health Care!
  • 07/31/17
    Terrific product, great price. What more could one want?
  • 07/28/17
    The seller emailed me so that I could contact them if I had any issues, I did not have any issues. My order arrived on time and very carefully packed. I will definitely order from this seller again.
  • 07/26/17
    Amazing service - highly recommend!
  • 07/23/17
    Schneller Lieferung, gut verpackt.
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    It was a pleasure to do business with this seller.
  • 07/14/17
    I'll keep coming back for more if the quality, service and price continue to be a great value. Thanks!
  • 07/12/17
    Arrived on time and as described. I got a quick and helpful answer on my question about the product I've got. Would highly recommend!
  • 07/11/17
    I am hoping this will help me. I haven't used it enough yet to be sure.
  • 07/08/17
    Product as expected. Great service and arrived ahead of time.
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    Very happy with purchase. I use it daily. Very prompt delivery. Would recommend.
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    The item was exactly as described and arrived only days after order. Exceptionally quick! Would recommend this seller!
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    My order arrived on Friday June 30. It came before the estimated delivery. The product is safely wrapped in bubble. I am very pleased with my order. Thank you very much.
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    Item received on the first delivery estimate date. Very good product! I recommend it! Very happy with my purchase! Many thanks!
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    I have received the item. Thank you for the smooth transaction.
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    Very nice product, I have been using this product for a while now and have had a good result. Recommended.
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    Schnelle, zuverlässige Lieferung. Vielen Dank!
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    Product was what was expected and arrived well before predicted date.
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    Good experience, I would buy from them again.
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    Great dealer, highly recommended! No issues with the sale and the product arrived sooner than expected.
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    Was not to concerned about the shipping. The product is excellent quality.
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    Very fast and professional service! Excellent product! This is my second time ordering and have every intention of continuing!
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    Superb product from a great seller. Would recommend this seller and I will order from them again.
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    On time, well packed, fair price = five stars.
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    No problems with seller. The product is highly recommended!
  • 06/06/17
    Arrived very quickly. Packaged well.
  • 06/06/17
    Thank you for the great service!
  • 06/03/17
    I love being able to buy these from Cuba's Health Care. My local shop has stopped stocking them as they say that they are not popular, but I can't think why. This is far better for your face skin than ordinary products.
  • 06/02/17
  • 05/29/17
    Glad to have this product on my shelf :-)
  • 05/19/17
    Product as described. Great scent. Would recommend this product.
  • 05/17/17
    The items came on time; though they came in three separate packages due to customs requirements. The product is good quality, as expected.
  • 05/13/17
    Very good seller, all well.
  • 05/09/17
    I am always very pleased with the service I receive from Cuba's Health Care!
  • 05/04/17
    Arrived on time. Used them one so far and was quite satisfied with the result. Good service and great transaction!
  • 04/23/17
    Just started so don't know the benefits at this time was happy with delivery and product so far.
  • 03/30/17
    Unit as advertised and delivered within a few days.
  • 03/20/17
    Excellent seller; thank you for your assistance. My purchase arrived today, it's great, I looked for it for a long time. Thank you!
  • 03/14/17
    Very nice, smoothing product, thinks it helps, time will tell.
  • 02/22/17
    Arrived quicker then I expected and as described, no issues. Would order from this company again.
  • 02/06/17
    First tried this product in Marrakesh. Excellent product but not available here so had to find a supplier. Cuba's Health Care came up and I have been buying for over two years with no problems. Always on time, always what I ordered, well packaged and better than anything over here in US. Thanks for your great service Cuba's Health Care!
  • 01/30/17
    This item is to be a present so I have not opened it . However the delivery person was very polite and it was delivered on stated day. I would use these sellers again.
  • 01/17/17
    Wow - AMAZING product, which arrived very quickly, well packaged. The seller actually contacted me with a very helpful thank you message with some usage tips. Highly recommended all round.
  • 01/15/17
    Nice product will be buying more my face feels much smoother and skin is looking vibrant.
  • 01/05/17
    For my first purchase from oversea seller was a great experience will use it again!
  • 12/28/16
    Awesome seller and product! This is my favorite soap. It is difficult to find as it was sold out for weeks. But I was always kept aware of the status :-)
  • 12/24/16
    Delivery on time and the box is in perfect condition. I am very please with the quality of the product. Would do business with seller again.
  • 12/16/16
    Very good, will be ordering more. I paid a lot more for it in Dubai but the price here is great!
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    Received on time, I am very pleased with the service provided.
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    Great product arrived on time not complaints!
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    Great service once again, this is the second time I have bought the product and I will continue doing so from this seller.
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    As usual excellent service from this trader and very good product, just great!
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    This item arrived on time and was beautifully packaged.
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    I love this stuff! It is so good for certain skin conditions. If you have problems with your skin you should give this a try!
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    Very professional, fabulous product, well pleased with the quality. I will leave a full review in a few days, thank you ever so much.
  • 11/02/16
    Item arrived on time and was exactly as described. I am very pleased with this transaction!
  • 10/28/16
    Wife feels that it works. I am not sure how but she is happy)))
  • 10/24/16
    Superior service. Would order from this seller again. The goods arrived very promptly, and were extremely well packed.
  • 10/23/16
    This seller is fantastic. I tried to submit a product review of their product and upload pics but site didn't let me. I recommend them and this product 150 percent. Happy lady!
  • 10/17/16
    Ordered this product Friday Sep 30 and it was delivered Monday Oct 10, 3 days ahead of schedule with free shipping!!!
  • 10/14/16
    I received this on the date that it was scheduled to arrive and it is as described by the seller.
  • 10/10/16
    We always order from this seller and the service is excellent.
  • 10/02/16
    Excellent service, well packaged, and arrived quickly!
  • 09/13/16
    Je conseille ce vendeur. Produits très bien emballés et expédition rapide.
  • 09/08/16
    It arrived on time and my lady loved it, thank you, i will shop here again!
  • 08/31/16
    Have not used yet, but looking forward to it as the reviews are brilliant.
  • 08/03/16
    Great price and excellent delivery timing.
  • 07/21/16
    Item as described, prompt delivery, no complaints at all. Very pleased with the transaction!
  • 07/09/16
    Very good product at a very reasonable price. Not tested as yet, but, I have no doubt that it will perform as it says on the container.
  • 05/10/16
    Love the product! Fast and delivered in great condition. Excellent all around.
  • 04/23/16
    Had to have delivered quickly as bought as a gift . Arrived in time and has been very well received!
  • 04/15/16
    Alles super wenn man, wie ich, zu faul zum Einkaufen zu gehen :-)