→ Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) for Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) for Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

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5.0 5 382 Customer Ratings.

Original Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream), world-known Cuban treatment for vitiligo, psoriasis, and alopecia!

Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) is very popular solution among buyers from all over the world because of its ease of use and great results. It's a perfect addition to Melagenina Plus treatment!

Cream helps restore the scar tissue, protects the skin from harmful effects, improves hydration and elasticity. It provides a soothing, healing, soothing and rejuvenating effect.

Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) moisturizes, softens, tightens and refreshes the skin, removes wrinkles and blemishes, activates the metabolism of cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis. Can be used for all skin types.

Description Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) for Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) for Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

What is Crema Dermotrófica?

Crema Dermotrófica (bioactive placenta cream) moisturizes, softens, tightens and refreshes the skin, removes wrinkles and blemishes, activates the metabolism of cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis. It is designed by the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria in Havana, Cuba both as a standalone product, and as a complement to Melagenina Plus treatment.

The cream penetrates into the deeper layers of cells in the epidermis, prevents loss of elasticity, dehydration and "sagging" skin.

How does Crema Dermotrófica work?

Crema Dermotrófica (bioactive placenta dermal cream) contains purified human placental substance, which has the stimulating effect of an epidermal cell metabolism. It's recommended for face care, hands care as well as body care for people affected vitiligo, alopecia or psoriasis.

Cream helps restore the scar tissue, protects the skin from harmful effects, and improves hydration and elasticity. It provides a soothing, healing, soothing and rejuvenating effect.

Crema Dermotrófica (bioactive placenta dermal cream) is recommended for skin care in vitiligo, alopecia and psoriasis as it prepares the skin for the treatment. It's a perfect addition to Melagenina Plus treatment!

Cream can be used as a mask prior to applying the therapeutic drug.

How to use

Crema Dermotrófica (bioactive placenta dermal cream) can be used for all skin types, on his elbows, hands, and other parts of the body where the skin has unevenness or roughness.

Before applying the cream, wash your hands, face and neck. Using your fingertips, apply the cream into the area around your eyes, face and neck. Leave the cream on the night. In the morning, remove the remnants of the cream with warm soapy water.

Features Crema Dermotrófica (Bioactive Placenta Dermal Cream) for Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia Treatment

Suitable for all skin types!

Helps restore the scar tissue, protects the skin from harmful effects, improves hydration and elasticity. It provides a soothing, healing, soothing and rejuvenating effect

Moisturizes, softens, tightens and refreshes the skin, removes wrinkles and blemishes, activates the metabolism of cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis

It's recommended for skin care in vitiligo, alopecia and psoriasis as it prepares the skin for the treatment

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  • Zaza Qardava 22 February 2018
    Product arrived on time and was as expected. Not available in any store.
  • Brad Clarke 19 February 2018
    Seems to work well it's not an overnight cure.
  • Kin So 18 February 2018
    Seamless transaction. Item ordered was exactly as advertised. Arrived in perfect condition, towards the end of shipping window.
  • Lindsey Garrett 18 February 2018
    La qualité générale est bonne et le service rapide.
  • Richard Willesden 17 February 2018
    Very prompt and courteous service.
  • Roberta Lee Crawford 16 February 2018
    Thank you very much, that was one of the best on-line order service I've ever experienced. I will not hesitate to order from you again and recommend you to everybody with vitiligo problem.
  • Jose Rodriguez Carpena 16 February 2018
    Todo correcto, llegó antes de la fecha estimada. Excelente experiencia de compra, producto tal y como describen. Muy bien embalado y protegido.
  • Sonia Shields 15 February 2018
    Seller was courteous and followed up to make sure I was happy. A+ customer service. I would definitely purchase from seller again!
  • Glenn Thewlis 14 February 2018
    Great product at a great price. Love this product and very happy with the service.
  • Norbert Schering 13 February 2018
    Have use the seller before prompt delivery!
  • Dotty King 13 February 2018
    This product was delivered swiftly by the seller. I would definitely buy from this seller again.
  • Christian Gray 12 February 2018
    As described, works well!
  • Don Wight 12 February 2018
    Have used this before. It was easy and with no issues. Parcel arrived on time and no damage to packaging.
  • Ekaterina Baryshnikova 11 February 2018
    I think this an excellent health product and I plan to use long term.
  • Alfonso Simó 10 February 2018
    Llego en la fecha indicada y el producto es lo que esperaba así que contenta con mi compra y sin duda los recomendare y volveré a comprar cuando se acabe el producto.
  • Rita Mafalda Dionísio de Sousa 9 February 2018
    The product is what I needed and the promptness of the delivery was an enormous help.
  • David Kempen 9 February 2018
    No issues or problem with service all fine. Product as described.
  • Heidi Eagan 7 February 2018
    This is a wonderful product if you have vitiligo problems. Would highly recommend, if not sure please seek your doctor's advice first.
  • Melanie Holek 6 February 2018
    Using for vitiligo treatment and so far so good, seems to be working better than anything they offer at the drugstores.
  • Mª Carme Franquet 5 February 2018
    llegó muy bien. Rápidos y fiables 100%.
  • John Marshall 5 February 2018
    I have used this vitiligo cream before, but i couldn't find it in the shops, so was delighted to be able to buy from this seller.
  • Roger Pickard 4 February 2018
    I know the product and have used many times - as good as ever!
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    Gute Ware, schnell geliefert, alles bestens!
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    Brilliant service, will be ordering from this seller again!
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    Fast delivery and exactly what I needed.
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    Excellent seller. Items dispatched promptly and arrived very early. Highly recommended. Top!
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    Very helpful when I emailed. Would definitely buy from them again. Thank you!
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    Excellent produit, c'est le premier produit avec lequel j'ai remarqué une différence significative. J'ai commandé a nouveau ce produit!
  • Alison E. 21 January 2018
    Excellent service!! My items came within 6 days to France!!!
  • Roberto da Silva Ribeiro 21 January 2018
    Awesome seller. Super fast and product as described. Recommended!
  • Anne Lavin 18 January 2018
    My regular supplier of vitiligo treatment products.....reliable and efficient delivery.
  • Norbert Schering 17 January 2018
    Would buy again from this seller. Received this about 4 days early and in perfect condition. My favorite product, securely packaged and waiting for me!
  • Taylor Brynn 16 January 2018
    I love this product brand! Not possible to find in America.
  • Pedro Hontanilla 15 January 2018
    Es un buen producto que mi mujer lleva años utilizando y que ya no se localiza en tiendas especializadas, por lo que nos alegramos de tener un medio donde seguir comprando dicha vitiligo locion & crema.
  • Rebeca Lora Moya 14 January 2018
    I didn't think I could buy it in U.K so very happy with it.
  • James Partridge 14 January 2018
    Excellent service from this seller. Goods arrived on time and prices very reasonable. Would be shopping there again.
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    Arrived well before stated delivery date and at a great price.
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    Great seller, great product, I will shop with them again for sure. Many thanks for the great experience!
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    The antipsoriatic dermal cream arrived 5 days ahead of the estimated time. It was packed sufficiently to arrive intact and works just fine!
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  • Red Alexis 10 November 2017
    Extremely good customer communication. Cuba Health Care seem knowledgeable regarding their psoriasis treatment products & genuinely interested in customer feedback. Refreshing!
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    Package arrived on time, melagenina bottle and dermotrofica vitiligo cream neatly packed in a bubble wrap. You can tell by the way it was presented, the seller means business. Very good service!
  • Virginia Blankemeier 7 November 2017
    Very effective cream. I definitely notice improvement. This is my second bottle.
  • Q. Walder 7 November 2017
    I loved the welcome email and the product guide! I was bummed that the package arrived 3 days late, but I know that was out of the seller's control. Overall I'm very impressed by the product and the seller!
  • Glenn S. 6 November 2017
    Arrived on time, product is just what I wanted. Thanks!!
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    Perfecto en rapidez, precio y tratamiento del vitiligo melagenina y crema dermotrofica producto. Recomendable, compraré otra vez.
  • Christian Kitscha 2 November 2017
    So far the product seems to be working well. I’m excited to see the results in a few more weeks.
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    Happy with service & product so far!
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    Great cream, arrived on time, very well packed. Will be starting next week, looking forward to changes coming!
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